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04/07/2007 - XIII Century scores 7.5 on Gamespot
XIII Century: Death or Glory is characterized as a game with deep, challenging battle mechanics featuring a wide range of historical battles from the entire 13th century. Attention to battlefield detail and smart AI makes XIII Century a serious real-time tactical challenge. You can read the whole review and find out more about what was happening in the XIII Century here.

06/03/2008 - GamersGate signs exclusive digital premiere for XIII Century: Death or Glory

Leading PC digital distribution platform GamersGate announced today that it has secured the exclusive digital release of the English version of highly anticipated strategy game XIII Century: Death or Glory. The game will be released March 12, 8.00 am GMT (2.00 am EST, 00.00 PST, 09.00 CET), well before the game can be found in stores in North America and Europe.

XIII Century: Death or Glory is an RTS game that immerses players in the Middle Ages. This is a world of noble knights and ruthless nomads, a world of courageous deeds and internal wars. As one of the famous military leaders of the 13th Century, gamers are able to test their steel against the neighboring nations and carve their names into history. The game is developed by Unicorn Games Studio and published worldwide by 1C Company.

04/10/2007 - Download Screenshots, Music and Video from XIII Century!
New screenshots, music and video from XIII Century: Death or Glory are now available! Please visit the downloads section.

04/10/2007 - 1C Launches Website for XIII Century!
1C Company launches a new website dedicated to XIII Century: Death or Glory - an RTS game which immerses players in the Middle Ages.

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