XIII Century                   

  • Wide array of tactics and strategies based on actual forces and armies of the thirteenth century
  • Genuine heraldry of European heraldry and chivalry
  • Over 60 historical characters, including Philip II Augustus, Frederick II of Hohenstaufen, Edward I, Alexander Nevsky, Daniil Galitsky, Simon de Montfort, and William Marshal
  • Dozens of unit types, including heavy knights, mounted and foot sergeants, archers, arbalesters, lance knights, darters, and warriors bearing axes, maces, and falchions
  • Accurate depiction of each nation's combat strengths: the French knights are unrivaled in mounted combat, the Welsh archers are experts at forest fighting, the Mongolian cavalry maneuvers with lightning speed, and the Italian arbalesters are the best shooters in Europe
  • Weapons and armor painstakingly modeled on thirteenth century standards, down to minute details of style, quality, and heraldry
  • Unique combat system defined by 80 parameters that enable the authentic reconstruction of medieval warfare, down to the actions of individual soldiers
  • Realistic unit animation for individual soldiers
  • Reconstructed medieval fortresses: the inaccessible Chateau-Gaillard, the majestic Lincoln, the old Pskov Kremlin
  • Siege machinery includes catapults, mangonels, trebuchets, and siege towers
  • Orchestral soundtrack immerses the player in the medieval atmosphere and reflects the alternating tempo of war: the tension before the combat begins, the fury of attack, and the heat of raging battle
  • Stunning voice acting recreates the shouts and commands of the battlefield
  • Built-in micro-encyclopedia contains reference information
  • State-of-the-art shader graphics offer an astonishing level of realistic detail

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