XIII Century                   
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  • Authentic depiction of thirteenth century European military history
  • Historical reconstruction of armies, castles, and heraldry
  • Unique combat system accompanied by realistic unit animation
  • Terrain and weather conditions influence battle
  • State-of-the-art shader graphics offer astonishing level of realistic detail
  • Authentic medieval soundtrack
  • Tools allow player to recreate battle in any European region in various seasons and times of day

XIII Century is a real-time strategy game driven by an epic storyline torn from the pages of history. Players control European kings and dukes, Russian princes and boyars, and Mongolian khans and noyons. XIII Century features large-scale battles with thousands of soldiers clashing on detailed, realistic battlefields. This historical simulation recreates actual conditions of these glorious battles, taking into account the effects of terrain and weather.

Wage war through 30 battles across 5 campaigns for the nations of England, France, Mongolia, Germany, and Kievan Rus' (Russia). Recreate great battles that changed the course of medieval history, including the battle of Bouvines (July 27, 1214), the battle of Falkirk (July 22, 1298), the battle of Las Navas de Tolosa (July 16, 1212), and the battle on Lake Peipus (April 5, 1242). Many of the conflicts in XIII Century have never been featured in any PC game before, including the battle of Gelheim (July 2, 1298), battle of Taillebourg (July 22, 1242), and the siege of the stronghold Salvatierra (1211).

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